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Space Monkey Natural 2 in 1

Shampoo ‘Supernova’ Bar

All our products are natural, cruelty free, plastic free, Palm Oil free and Vegan friendly.


Our Shampoo ‘Supernova’ bar is full of the good stuff. Full of natural oils & butters, as well as natural Liquorice Root, Moroccan Rhassoul Clay and Apple Cider Vinegar. Long lasting & completely plastic free, this is THE ultimate hair care bar!

Scented with Lemongrass, Grapefruit & Sweet Orange, to help cut through the greasy stuff, your hair will smell so fresh, so clean (We 3 all use our bar without a separate conditioner and we all have great looking, fabulous feeling hair! Suitable for all hair types! )


We are being kinder to our bodies as we use chemical free body products, and it was only right that we perfected our own Shampoo Bar.  

Our bars have 100% NATURAL ingredients while conventional shampoos and ‘some’ shampoo bars have synthetic chemicals such as perfumes, SLS & Parabens. SLS is a chemical that strips your hair of everything, along with its natural oils. Then the shampoo leaves its own chemicals and residues in your hair!  Conventional conditioners contain silicones that smooth the hair at first but use over time, your hair will feel drier and damaged. The silicone coats your hair and stops any moisture penetrating it.

I’ve got naturally greasy hair and using our shampoo bar has really helped with that. All 3 of us use the bar and we all have great results with it. Georgina loves it & she’s a hard to please teenager!


Here’s the Lowdown on our fantabulous Shampoo Supernova bar!  


I don’t apply the bar directly to my hair. I get a lovely lather in my hands. After washing I give my hair a good rinse to make sure there’s no residue,  give it a brush, et voila!  Beautiful hair, all natural ingredients, and no plastic pollution!

 I don’t use conditioner on my hair as its quite fine and the shampoo bars are packed with natural, moisturising ingredients, I let it dry naturally & I never straighten it. It’s quite natural *apart from the colour* not sure I’m ready to embrace my grey just yet!

I find that using our ‘Dry Shampoo’ when I skip a wash has my hair in fabulous condition. I’m forever flicking it like I’ve just stepped out the salon!

Natural shampoo bars are really kind to your hair and won’t strip your hair of all its good stuff!


Give our Shampoo ‘Supernova’ bar a try, you’ll never ‘Look Back in Anger’

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