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Welcome to Soap Club!


All our products are natural, cruelty free, plastic free, Palm Oil free and Vegan friendly.


Now for the lowdown, we have a ZERO nasties policy. Here’s a list of all the GOOD STUFF we use at Space Monkey HQ:


Coconut Oil is the major player in our soap recipe as it is renowned for its moisturising and nourishing proprieties also rich in antioxidants which help firm up your skin! Who doesn’t want to look younger ?


Olive Oil is rich in Vitamins, has anti-bacterial and moisturising benefits. Everyone loves a bit of Olive Oil in their life! (Ask Popeye)


We will never use Palm Oil, we care too much about the planet.


Shea Butter adds a touch of luxury to your soap bars. Uber moisturising!


We use lots of different clays and activated charcoal in our soaps. It’s an ancient way to exfoliate, purify and cleanse the skin. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!


All our Essential Oils are ‘au naturel’ (natural) and each has unique health properties including aroma-therapeutic, mood enhancing and general well-being. They smell shamazing too!  (If pregnant consult your doctor before using)


We use natures gifts as Natural Exfoliants in our soaps, (no need to scrub too hard let nature do the work).  Examples of these are: clays, seeds, charcoal, teas, Spirulina. The list is endless! There’s no artificial anything, anywhere here at Space Monkey HQ. As is normal with charcoal products, you may find residue in your bath/sink. This will wash away easily, no worries.


Lye is essential is soap making, no Lye no soap! Lye is Sodium Hydroxide, it is mixed with water to create an alkaline solution which causes ‘saponification’ of the oils, makes them into soap innit. Once the process is complete, NO LYE remains in the final product. It’s been done this way for thousands of years, its all good.


For those with sensitive skin, consider using a flannel or a sponge. We recommend you use a soap ladder to extend the life of your soap, available in our shop. 


Our soaps are 100% biodegradable and NO PLASTIC is used in our packaging.

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